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Estimate Your Premium

Calculate Your Premium:

Refer to the national or regional charts then visit the OPM site.

Estimate Your Share of the Premium

Premiums for plans on the DC Health Link, and all of the exchanges, are based on the number and ages of each family member covered by the plan. Use these national or regional charts to estimate your monthly individual or family premium for the CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield plans.

How to calculate your monthly premium

  • Using the age rows in the plan column, circle the corresponding premiums (see example at right) for:

    • You

    • Your spouse

    • Your 3 oldest children under age 21 (if you have more than 3 children under age 21, they are all covered, but only 3 count toward your overall premium)

    • All your children ages 21-25

  • Add up everyone’s premium to find your total premium before any employer contribution.

  • Estimate your contribution:

    • Your employer will contribute approximately 75% of the monthly premium. The maximum employer contribution is approximately $426 for an individual and $948 for a family.

    • If you select a plan with a premium less than $568 for an individual or $1,264 for a family, you can get an approximate idea of your share by dividing the full premium by four. (Your share increases somewhat if you select a plan with a premium greater than $568 for an individual or $1,264 for a family.)

    • The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Premium Contribution Calculator will provide the most accurate estimate of your contribution as well as your employer’s contribution. Visit OPM and enter your total premium (calculated above) into the Premium Contribution Calculator at the bottom of the page, making sure to select whether your coverage is for yourself only (“Self”) or family (“Self+”) and click “Calculate.”